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Not your average makeup artist

Welcome to my website and my blog! I hope you have enjoyed looking through my images.

I love being a makeup artist, but not just for the love of makeup. Don't get me wrong, I get excited about new products from my favorite companies, but I don't live and breath it. I'm rarely seen wearing a tonne of makeup and usually leave it for special occasions.

What I love about my job is the art. The art of enhancing and emphasizing, creating something beautiful and making people smile.

Every day is different, which suits me fine. My mother always referred to me as a jack of all trades, but with that brings complacency and boredom. I am never bored as a makeup artist. Every week is different, different clients, different briefs, different makeup. One day I could be up at 5am on my way to do a brides hair and makeup for her big day, the next day make some musicians up as zombies for a music video, the next day being in a studio for corporate filming.

With this varied expectation comes a wealth of knowledge of different types of materials and makeup techniques. I'm constantly learning, practicing and experimenting with grease paints, prosthetic, gelatine, wig styling and trying out the new trend of makeup application.

Im a huge fan of body painting and creative makeup. I do a lot of self paints, Its kind of like my hobby. I enter competitions or set myself challenges, planning and drawing up a design, making prosthetics or other accessories and then paint myself. I love using the body as a canvas and creating beautiful and weird, crazy, horrible and scary creatures.

Makeup comes in all different shapes and sizes. It helps, enhances and changes perceptions and expectations. Have fun with it x

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