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In a far distant future, humans have had to evolve and adapt to a changing world where they are no longer in charge. Everyone needs to be a warrior....a badass warrior.

I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with incredibly talented people. Over flowing with creativity, positivity and so humble about their craft. Photographer Andre Pattenden and model Charlotte Riddett were such a pleasure to work with and look at the results!! Only after a few emails discussing ideas it all fell in to place. We were gobsmacked not only with each others performance and participation but also a wee bit chuffed with our own.

With just over 2 hours to do a full body paint, it is the fastest paint I've ever done. I managed it armed with electrical tape, a kabuku brush, paint and a badass design. Soon Charlie was ready for makeup. 5 mins after (phew) she was ready to have her hair slicked back, rock some killer heels and ready to be snapped.

Charlie is a total natural, has a figure to die for and pulled out all the incredible poses. Andre set up his kit and started taking the most incredible photos. He also had the 'bright' idea to bring a florescent light which looked amazing! The perfect accessory/weapon for our futuristic warrior.

Great lighting by Andre meant that in only 1.5 hours of shooting he managed to get such a variety of shots, nailing it each time. It's amazing what you can do in your kitchen in 4 hours.

The products I used were Diamond fx black facepaint, Mehron silver metallic powder, mufe hd foundation, katvond shade and light eye pallette, katvond, everlasting lipgloss.

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