A new calling

I've been quite quiet on here for a while. The reason being is that I wanted a new challenge. I was approaching 40 and was feeling unfulfilled with my carreer. So I took a big scary jump in to the world of theatre. I managed to get on to the presidious Bristol Old Vic theatre School MA Theatre design course. I wanted to collaborate my love of prop making, costume and charater designs, makeup and a growing passion for model making and this seemed like the perfect place to do it. It was a long and stressful full time course. For most of it, I was working part time in makeup and obviously motherhood never stops...but I did it. I came away after 15 months as an award winning student with a masters degree and a passion like no other.

My back ground in makeup helped so much, all my body painting, wig dressing, prosthetics and makeup skills enhanced and enriched my designs.

Since graduating in July 2019, I have worked on many productions, designing sets, costume and hair/makeup. Troughout this I have kept my foot firmly in the makeup world and carried on my practice. I will always be and work as a makeup artist...I'm now also a designer and very fulfilled and happy.

To see what I've been up to in the world of theatre pop along to my website.


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